Our Product

  • CRF Annotation is manual and time consuming - SMART aCRF reduces the manual effort in CRF Annotation with Automation.

  • Annotation effort is not customizable and repeatable - Annotation Repository - A growing body of Keyword-Annotation pairs - Learns, Stores and facilitates Re-Use of annotations.

  • Keyword, Annotations and Annotation attributes with Location can be added or modified with ease and saved for Re-Use.

  • Smart learning within the application and repeat usage augment the repository as the application is used.

  • Reverse Engineering using existing Annotated CRF's to learn Keywords and Annotations for storage and Re-Use.

  • Comes preloaded with CDISC/Sponsor defined Metadata, the recommended Text and Annotation attributes.

Our Services



A lightweight User Interface running on your desktop that will facilitate creation of Annotated CRF's.

Cloud HOsted

Cloud Hosted

A secure web based user interface that provides all the functionality of the Standalone application and is available on the cloud for use anytime anywhere.



We will generate your Annotated CRF's manually as part of our services as a CRO.

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  • Address: 51 Everett Dr, Suite B-20, Princeton Jct, NJ-08550.
  • Phone: +1 609.243.9050
  • Main Website: www.ratlian.com